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Upcoming Meetings

If you are scheduled to make a submisson for critique, or to lead a workshop, and can't make it, please let Cathy Greco or Dave Volk know by email as soon as possible.

July 7 Critiques - Dawn M. and Betsy C.
August 4 Critiques - Jeff P. and Rob L.
September 8 Critiques - Bob L. and Don S.
October 13 - Halloween / Fall Celebration Meeting

Past Meetings:

June Critique Meeting - Submissions by Dave V. and John S.

Dave V. submitted several chapters of his time traveling romance and John S. submitted more of his fantasy/superpower novel. Dave V, John S, Betsy C, Don S, Jim L, Jeff P, Dawn M, Rob L, Bob L, Don S, Judy G, Ron M, and Cathy G attended and critqued.

May Critique Meeting - Submissions by Melissa G. and Bob L. 

Melissa G. submitted her short story, Involuntary, and Bob L. submitted his short story, Blue Moon Inn. Dave V., Cathy G., Melissa G., Bob L., Tesa W., Don S., Jim L., Rob L., Dawn M., Betsy C., John S., Ron M., and Jeff P. attended and critiqued.

April Critique Meeting - Submissions by Cathy G. and Ron M. 

Cathy G. submitted Chapter 9 of her sci-fi novel, Elysium, and Rom M. sumitted the first chapters of his novel, A Ghost Returns. Dave V, Cathy G, Betsy C, Ron M, Melissa G, Dawn M, Jeff P, Jim L, Bob L, John S, and Rob L attended and critiqued.

March Critique Meeting - Submissions by Betsy C. and Jim L. 

Betsy submitted chapter 3 of her memoir, Travis and Quinn, and Jim submitted Chapters 1-3 of his novel, The Plot to Kill FDR. Cathy G, Rob L, Jim L, Melissa G, Jeff P, Betsy C, John S, and Jim P attended and critiqued.

January Critique Meeting - Submissions by John S. and Diane D. 

Diane submitted the first two chapters of her fantasy utopian novel, and John submitted the beggining of his fantasy superhero work. Dave V, Jim L, Bob L, Judy G, Diane D, John S, Ron M, Jeff P, Betsy C, and Cathy G attended and critiqued; New member Tesa W attended for the first time. 

December Critique Meeting - Submissions by Ron M. and Jeff P.

Ron submitted the final chapter of his ghost/thriller novel, and Jeff submitted a mid-chapter of his new fantasy work. John S, Betsy C, DIane D, Jim L, Jeff P, Ron M, Cathy G, and Dave V attended and critiqued.

September Critique Meeting - Submissions by Bob L and Jim L

Bob L submitted a new short story, and Jim L submitted the first two chapters of his novel in progress. Jim L, Barry W, Melissa G, Bob L, Ron M, David V, Lyn P, Jon S, Jeff P,  Cathy G, and Betsy C all attended and critiqued. Anahid H, Judy G, and Sue C attended as well.

August Critique Meeting - Submissions by David V. and Alina K.

Dave submitted chapters 9 - 11 from his time travel novel and Alina submitted the first draft of her short story. Dave V, Alina K, Don S, Jim L, Jeff P, Robert L, Ron M, John C, Anahid H, Betsy C, and Cathy G attended and critiqued.

July Critique Meeting - Submissions by Ron M. and Cathy G.

Cathy submitted Chapter 7 from her novel, Elysium and Ron submitted Chapter 8 from his novel, The Midnight Gravedigger.

June Workshop - Author Video Lecture Series

We had a great turnout of 11 folks for our Author Video Lecture Series featuring Jessica Brody. The topic was dialogue, and we had fun and challenging writing prompts to go along with the videos.

Recent Meetings

May Workshop - Writing Lecture Series

May Critique - Bob L. (A Big Life) and Don S. (Ms. Megaton Man Ch. 13)

April Workshop - Writing Lecture Series

March Workshop -  Writing Lecture Series

March Critique - Betsy C. (Travis & Quinn Ch. 2) and Jim L. (Breaking News - mother subplot)

February Workshop - Fixit

February Critique - Ron M. (The Midnight Gravedigger) and Jeff P. (Gifts of a Laughing God)

January Workshop - Favorite book passages

January Critique - Lynn P. (Revallo Ch. 7)

December 11 Critique Meeting - Submission by Bob L.

We enjoyed Bob's submission - The December Club. The characters were vivid, the dialog was clever, and there was a good tone and sense of humor. The large cast of characters was handled well. We would have liked to have seen more about the rift between the main character and his daughter, and the catalyst for change.

We continued the meeting with a fun writing challenge and a writing prompt.


November 13 Critique Meeting - Submissions by Cathy G. and Rick J.

We enjoyed both of these submissions: Elysium - Chapter 4, by Cathy G. and "Double Duty" by Rick J. Cathy's submission was well told and vivid with great world-building, interesting and empathetic characters, humor, and an engaging conflict. Rick's submission was engaging, with colorful characters, a well-told action scene, and humor. It has the makings of an entertaining series or serial. We loved the telepathic creature, and the way he was treated by the crew.


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